(207) 474-5121 | 46 Fairview Avenue, Skowhegan, ME 04976

Social Services

RFGH social workers and hospital case managers are available to answer any quesitons and assist you with your discharge planning needs.

Social Services: 474-5121 ext. 2331 or 2330
Hospital Case Management: 474-5121 ext. 2276
Community Case Manager: 858-8394

For a list of Social Services resources click here.

RFGH is pleased to announce the BLUE FOLDER Project. Our goals are to enhance patient medication safety, enhance patient education efforts and enhance safe medical care.

blue folder

Your discharge nurse will provide you with this special blue folder and teach you about the use of the folder. It will contain your current medication list and education about your disease process as well as upcoming appointments and discharge instructions. Once you go home this will be an excellent place to put your important medical information such as a copy of an advance directive or special contact information.

By taking the BLUE FOLDER to all key points of medical services (such as physician office visits, your pharmacy, inpatient and outpatient hospital visits) this folder can be kept updated and be used to provide the safest care possible.