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If you suffer from Cardiac Disease, our Phase 2 & 3 program can help improve your quality of life.
  • Learn to develop your own exercise program that you can continue at home.
  • Heart rhythm & blood pressure are monitored during each exercise session.
  • Educational classes help you to learn the skills you need to live a healthy life.

Ask your physician for a referral.

What is Cardiac Rehab?

The Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab involves education and exercise sessions. During the exercise sessions, your heart rhythm & blood pressure are monitored. These sessions help you learn what kind of exercises you can do, how to do them safely, and help you develop your own exercise program that you can continue at home.

There are educational classes held every week to help you learn how to live with cardiac disease and ways to change unhealthy habits. We even provide healthy snacks!

The Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab program is free and available to those who have completed the Phase 2 Rehab program here at RFGH.

Who Can Benefit From Cardiac Rehab?

YOU can if you have:
  • Heart Disease
  • Had a Heart Attack
  • Had Open Heart Surgery
  • Had a PTCA/Stent
  • Had a Valve Replacement
The Goals of Cardiac Rehab:
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Weight Management
  • Lower Choleterol
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Heart Healthy Diet
  • Stress Managment
  • Blood Pressure Maintenance
  • Provides education and exercise sessions where heart rhythm and blood pressure is monitored.
  • Teaches how to exercise safely, and how to live with cardiac disease.
  • Teaches ways to change unhealthy habits.
  • Teaches warming-up and cooling-down stretching and weight training.
  • Teaches how to continue life long exercise.

Why attend?

You will reduce stress and reduce risk factors of cardiac disease. Helps you feel better, improve your fitness, and live longer. We have a large staff involved, including MDs, RNs, dietitians, physical therapists, pharmacists and social services, all under the umbrella of the special care unit. The program is overseen by a cardiologist, staffed by the Cardiac Rehab Coordinator, plus another trained RN, LPN, or CNA.

Am I Eating Healthy?
  • Less Fat
  • More Fiber
  • Less Cholesterol
  • Less Caffeine
  • More Vegetables

Think cardiac rehab is for you? Call your doctor today and ask!

Key/New Equipment Used:
Stationary bikes
Hand weights