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Price Estimates

RFGH is committed to providing patients and families with the pricing information needed to make informed healthcare decisions. To obtain an estimate of expected costs for services provided at RFGH, you may contact Karie in our Data Processing department at (207) 858-8318. Pricing information on common shoppable services can also be viewed here. Additional pricing comparisons may be obtained through the CompareMaine Website (http://www.comparemaine.org).

Pricing estimates represent average charges for services based on recent patients. An average means that most patient bills will have a higher or lower price than the average price for a given test or procedure. The services you receive are based on your individual needs and medical condition. Additional tests, supplies or services may be ordered by your doctor or provider in order to treat, diagnose or care for your individual needs.

At RFGH, a patient receives a bill for hospital facility services plus a separate bill for professional services provided by private physicians, such as radiologists, pathologists, and cardiologists. RFGH employs many other physicians and includes charges for these employed physician services as part of the hospital bill. This is important to keep in mind when comparing prices for services at other hospital facilities.


RFGH is committed to treat all patients who need our care regardless of their health insurance or financial status. We offer services to help you arrange for payment of your bill, from insurance billing to payment plans and even financial assistance, which may qualify you for free care or reduced payment. Financial assistance or free care is available only for medically necessary services.
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Patients at RFGH may qualify for free care if their family income is 150% or less of the federally established income guidelines or for discounted rates if their family income is between 151% - 250% of the guidelines. To qualify, all third party payment sources must be exhausted.

Patients at RFGH are also entitled to a 10% prompt payment discount on all self-pay balances paid within 35 days of the first self-pay statement date.

Our patient account representatives in our Business Services department are here to help you learn more about financial assistance that you may qualify for by calling: (207) 858-8367.