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Redington-Fairview General Hospital (RFGH) is a local independent critical access hospital providing quality comprehensive health care services. We are located at 46 Fairview Avenue, Skowhegan, Maine. Contact us at (207) 474-5121.


Care of the ED Patient During COVID-19

In order to keep our patients and staff safe, this is what you can expect when you come to the Emergency Department.

Outside (ED LANE)

You will be greeted by an RFGH staff member to ask the reason for your visit.

Please shut off your vehicle to maintain the safety of our staff.

An emergency medical provider will see you to determine if you should stay in your vehicle or be brought in to the emergency department for further evaluation.

If you are staying outside for evaluation and/or treatment:
  • A nurse will perform vital signs and ask you information important to your treatment.
  • The provider will determine your course of treatment and explain discharge instructions.
  • A phone number will be obtained so that a registrar can call you after you are done to verify personal information.

Inside the ED

If you are brought into the ED you will be greeted by an ED staff member directing you to an ED room.

You will notice all staff entering and exiting your room wearing a gown, face shield, mask, and gloves.

The door will remain closed if possible.

The ED provider will enter the room initially to perform an assessment and order appropriate treatment.

The ED provider will then attempt to limit frequent interactions in your room by using a telephone to speak with you for ongoing reassessments, update you on your test results, and provide discharge instructions.

During your stay the ED registrar will also call your room to update your personal information.

RFGH is committed to providing quality, compassionate care. During these times our actions are to provide you and our staff the safest environment possible. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

A Message to Our Patients

Redington-Fairview General Hospital (RFGH) continues to be here for you during this unprecedented time. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we provide care, we are still providing emergency care 24/7 and performing emergency surgeries. Many of your health care providers are still here to help you manage chronic medical conditions, address your acute health concerns, refill your medications, and provide many of the services you still need.

While we have postponed many routine and non-urgent appointments such as physicals, screenings, and elective surgeries; and we have stopped any walk-in appointments, your providers are still holding office hours and phone consultations. In some cases, after-hours appointments may be available to you.

Call your provider’s office for specific information, and always call before coming in to the office. Click here to view office hours and contact information for our primary care and specialty departments.

March 26, 2020 - RFGH Implements Temporary Visitor Restrictions and Suspends Elective and Non-Urgent Appointments

With a commitment to the health & safety of our patients, community, and staff, Redington-Fairview General Hospital (RFGH) has instituted Temporary Visitor Restrictions and suspended Elective Medical Procedures and Non-Urgent Office Visits until further notice.

No visitors are permitted on the RFGH campus, except for the following:
  • Pediatrics (one parent/guardian at a time allowed)
  • Obstetrics (one spouse/birthing partner allowed in labor and delivery area)
  • Day Surgery – often called outpatient or ambulatory surgery (one person involved in care or transport)
  • Extraordinary circumstances (one person at a time), if presence is necessary for communication with care team or patient support (e.g., patient with disabilities).
Patient Discharges: One person allowed for the purpose of picking up a patient for discharge.

Emergency Department/Ambulatory/Outpatient Procedural Areas: One person allowed as an escort, only if the patient requires their help with mobility, support or communication with care team, such necessity to be determined by triage or care providers. Escorts will be encouraged to drop-off patients when possible.

For all exceptions permitted above, only one person over the age of 18 may be on the RFGH campus to visit/escort/accept discharge of a patient.

These restrictions are for the protection of patients, employees, visitors, and the public; and, consistent with guidance from governmental authorities, and are adopted for the purpose of reducing the potential for propagation of the COVID-19 virus.

Health Screenings:Patients and visitors will be screened for health upon entry at designated entrances.

Public Conferences and Meetings:All community meetings and events open to the public scheduled to be held at RFGH locations are suspended at this time.

Non-Urgent Office Visits and Elective Procedures:RFGH is suspending all elective medical procedures and non-urgent office visits in response to COVID-19 outbreak.

What is COVID-19?
COVID-19 (also known as novel coronavirus) is a new disease that causes flu-like symptoms. Most cases are mild to moderate. Older adults and people with pre-existing medical conditions, may experience severe respiratory illness or death, if infected. Click here to learn more about COVID-19 from the Maine CDC.

What is RFGH doing to prepare?
RFGH is in daily contact with Maine CDC and US CDC to monitor the spread of the outbreak. Our critical-access community hospital has a strong infectious disease and pandemic plan in place. Training and preparations for this exact situation have been ongoing for many years. Our staff is trained to provide specialized respiratory illness care and they have the supplies needed to do so safely. We are also taking all necessary steps to protect our patients, visitors and staff:
  • Screening all patients for symptoms
  • Frequent cleaning of all surfaces
  • Washing hand frequently
  • Implementing new visitor policies
  • Cancelling non-essential appointments and procedures

RFGH administration may put additional restrictions in place in the interest of community health. We appreciate your support and understanding.

March 16, 2020 - Somerset Sports & Fitness is Closed Until Further Notice

Notice to our members and neighbors:

As of today, March 16, 2020, Somerset Sports & Fitness is closing until further notice.

Your health and wellness will always remain our top priority.

In the meantime, get outside and play while the weather cooperates.

RFGH Community Classes, Meeting, and Events Postponed

For the health of our community, the following community classes and meetings at RFGH are postponed until further notice.

Monthly & Weekly Support Groups:
Better Breathers
Cancer Support Group
Diabetes Support Group
Healthy Heart
Narcotics Anonymous
Recovery Group

Community Classes & Events:
Advance Directives
Weigh to Go! & Road to Wellness
National Diabetes Prevention Program
Safe Sitter
Advanced Care Planning

In addition, Rehab & Fitness Services Community Pool and Somerset Sports & Fitness are closed until further notice.

The RFGH administration may make additional decisions concerning scheduled classes, group meetings, and presentations to the community in the interest of community health. We appreciate your support and understanding.

Redington-Fairview General Hospital