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COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-registration

Covid-19 vaccine is being distributed to the public in phases, as determined by the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Regardless of the phase you qualify for, you may pre-register here. However, vaccine appointments will be made available according to the phases.
Vaccine is available only to Maine residents. A "Maine resident" is defined as an individual living in the State of Maine with the intent to remain in the state.
You do not need to be a patient of Redington-Fairview General Hospital or the Redington Medical provider practices.
Adapted from the Maine CDC COVID vaccine information website.
Phase 1a
  • Health Care Personnel Needed to Preserve Critical Health Care Services
  • Residents and Staff of Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Other Patient-Facing Health Care Personnel
  • Public Safety Personnel
  • COVID-19 Response Personnel
Age based implementation announced February 26, 2021
  • Current: Persons 70 years old and older
  • March 3: Persons 60 years old and older
  • April 2021: Person 50 years old and older
  • May 2021: Persons 40 years old and older
  • June 2021: Persons 30 years old and older
  • July 2021: All ages for which vaccine has been approved.
Dates of each step are tentative and may be accelerated or delayed as circumstances require.
*For additional details, please see the Maine CDC https://www.maine.gov/covid19/vaccines/phases